To interact with Ruby, click your mouse in the "Seeker" box and start typing.

You can ask Ruby about all sorts of topics, life, love, movies, and her new movie, Technolust using everyday language.

Try to keep your sentences short.

Hit return when you are done, and Ruby will answer.

If Ruby gets confused, feel free to tell her. Agent Ruby's intelligence increases over time as more people interact with her. Check back later to see what she figures out, and to experience new features like speech that are being added.

Agent Ruby
by Lynn Hershman

In Collaboration with:
Róbert Viõar Bjarnason, Lior Saar, Michael Warnock, Sean Edin, Sandra D. Zimmermann, Robert Wald, Joel Klein and InOrbit Entertainment, Inc

Additional Programming:
Gever Tulley, Helium, Momerath

Additional Graphics:
Tri Pham

Assistant Producer:
Kyle Stephan

Executive Producer:
Robert Wald

Funded in Part by:
The Daniel Langlois Foundation
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
California Arts Council

Special Thanks to:
Benjamin Weil
Jean Gagnon
Steve Deitz


Please report any problems, feedback, or suggestions to

copyright by lynn hershman 2002